Creation of a support and solidarity programme for unaccompanied minors

Fondation Dora assisted the Swiss Foundation of the International Social Service in the launch of their solidarity initiative, 1 set de + à table” (One more for dinner). The goal of the project is to promote the development and integration of unaccompanied young migrants into Switzerland.

It acts as an additional resource to complement the institutional framework already in place for these young people. Its aim is to help young migrants to develop social and trusting relationships with the surrounding community and plays a complementary part in the overall support efforts led by the authorities. In addition, it addresses the need expressed by young people themselves, to fulfil their desire for integration.

Why the "1 set de + à table" initiative?

Firstly, child migrants who arrive in Switzerland without a parent or adult by their side, known as “unaccompanied minors”, are often isolated and feel lost in unfamiliar surroundings. Secondly, many people in Switzerland are looking to get involved in charity work to support young people. However, at the moment there are very few opportunities for young migrants to get in contact with volunteers.

To address this need, the Swiss Foundation of the International Social Service (SSI) launched the “1 set de + à table/One more for dinne” initiative. This initiative offers guidance and individual support to each young migrant through charity work. SSI's mission is to launch and assist in the setting up of the “1 set de + à table/One more for dinner” initiative across Switzerland to improve the level of guidance that young migrants receive by encouraging civil society to get involved.

As such, SSI ensures that the following services are provided:

  • A framework to help guarantee that relations run smoothly
  • Support for associations leading the initiative in different Swiss cantons
  • An information hotline
  • Information meetings
  • Evenings for volunteers to share their experiences with one another.

The Swiss Foundation of the International Social Service, the Swiss branch of Service Social International, has centres in over 140 countries. It has been active in migration and child welfare concerns for the past 80 years.

Fondation Dora supported this programme for four years, from 2016 to 2019.