Support programme for children of broken families

Fondation Dora provided assistance to the As'trame foundation in the creation, development and running of its centre in Geneva.

To prevent the consequences of broken family relationships, As'trame has designed an innovative approach based on two key principles: support for children and families, and training for professionals.

rupture_liens_familiaux.jpgSupport for children and families is based on a non-medical therapeutic process: 'the path to dependence'. This process includes a structured series of seven individual and group meetings comprising an initial one-to-one interview, then five themed meetings and a follow-up interview, all followed by other forms of individual or family support, as needed.

This approach enables each individual affected by the breakdown of a relationship situation to fully understand the process of bereavement, to gain control of their emotions and suffering and to make use of their resources to be able to move forward.

As'trame also offers training and awareness courses to professionals who work with individuals experiencing a breakdown of family relationships.

As'trame is a non-profit foundation founded in 1994. This foundation works in support of children and their families suffering from broken family relationships as a result of bereavement, divorce or illness.

Fondation Dora provided assistance to As’trame's Geneva centre for five years from 2011 to 2015.