Development of an individual life plan for children with disabilities living in an institution

Fondation Dora supported the Service Social International (SSI) in its programme in Vietnam called, “A better future is possible for children with disabilities”.

enfants_vivant_institution.jpgThe goal of the  programme, developed and run by the Service Social International(SSI) in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MOLISA) in Vietnam, is to promote the development of a suitable individual life plan for every child living in an institution, no matter their medical condition.

The following action points were put into place:

  • Train professionals working in institutions to help them better identify the needs of every child living in an institution and more specifically, the special needs of disabled children.
  • Develop and promote a systematic assessment procedure for each child living in an institution.
  • Support children in the preparation for their specific individual life plan.
  • Encourage the Vietnamese government to offer alternatives to placement in institutions for disabled children by developing family-type support measures (the birth family, a foster family or through adoption).
  • Ensure the long-term success of the project through identification, training and follow-up of local trainers.

Fondation Dora supported this programme for three years, from 2014 to 2017.